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Friday, April 29th, 2011

photo by Jo Danehy

The Colt Starting Naturally event is coming to Ft. Worth, TX the weekend of May 6-8th.  Atwood Ranch two-year-olds will be participating in the event, as well as being previewed during the breaks in the main arena.  Come see the difference between ranch raised horses with little human contact and those who have been handled with the Parelli Pre-Saddle Training.  All the horses we bring will be available for sale at the event, so don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Rarely do we have such a selection of young riding horses who have had the benefit of our yearling preschool and now a natural start under saddle.  Special pricing will apply on these horses only at this unique event.  Get your tickets at .


Sunday, September 19th, 2010

We are constantly having inquiries about riding horses.  In an effort to help those who may not be ready for the yearling experience we offer a select group of two- and three-year-olds ,who have been through our pre-school program as yearlings, to Parelli Professionals in our area to start under saddle.  These young riding horses are available for sale and are already doing some pretty awesome things!  Some have videos on YouTube linked through our website and others are working on that now.  David and Jody Ellis have an appendix Colonel Doc Bar Chex filly and a One Smart Peppy gelding this year.  Cezanne DeCristoforo has 3 fillies by 3 different AR stallions.  Maurice Thibault has a Boot Scootin Dually three-year-old, while Jake Shoemark recently picked up one of our Red Fire (TB) offspring.  Some of these young horses are doing their Parelli Patterns, others are trail riding, and several are following and gathering cattle already!  For details on these and other individuals contact Catherine and she can put you in touch with the professionals developing the two-year-olds that might be best suited to your skill level, interests and goals.

Redmond was a SMASH!!!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The Redmond, Oregon Parelli tour event was a huge success thanks in part to the great crowd, the beautiful facility and of course, Pat and Linda.  We took 6 yearlings – one by each of our stallions, a variety of sizes, colors and Horsenalities – to debut before the enthusiastic audience.  They travelled like old pros, were curious about the crowd, confident in their stalls and the arena, and we couldn’t have been happier or more proud of them for their first trip.  Linda invited Kerryn and Lillan along with 2 of the yearlings to be a part of her Saturday demo on the 7 Games.  Then during the intermissions we played with each of them out back in an outdoor covered arena while the others were turned out to mill around and visit with the folks gathering at the rail.  On Sunday Pat invited all the yearlings into the arena during intermission just to give the Savyy Club members the enjoyment of observing young horses at play.  And did they work the crowd – ambling from one person to another at the rail  for scratches and pets!

AR Chex First Flash & AR Cat Time Cutter


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

We are headed to Oregon this weekend, May 22-23,  for the Share Parelli Event at the Deschutes Fair & Expo Center in Redmond.  The yearlings are prepared to WOW you with their skills and foundation training.  Come out back during the intermissions and watch them being played with.  If you are even thinking about a new partner (now or maybe sometime in the future), come by our booth and have a chat.  Look through our notebooks filled with photos, Horsenality charts, positive attributes profiles, Pre-School Progress Reports, registration papers and more.  Plus get the added benefit of seeing some of them in person!  See you there …

yearlings at the lake

Welcome to the Atwood Ranch Newsletter

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Among the many new Atwood Ranch young horse owners are recently certified Parelli Instructors Theresa Zenner, Linda Algire, Jody Ellis and Zach Lahring, along with Interns Brittany Whitmyre and Sarah Schenk.  They join the growing list of 3-, 4-, and 5-Star Parelli Professionals who have already partnered with an AR horse, realizing the benefits of a well bred horse with a solid Parelli foundation.  Join the revolution and let’s change the horse industry together!

“Dave Ellis with Theresa Zenner & her new partner Wriggley/Especial Bo”

Our 2010 foals are hitting the ground running and playing….the Parelli 7 Games and Parelli Patterns already!!!  Check out our new Facebook page for photos and videos of their early lessons.

“Alley Cat, Mr Skyline Peppy x Kats Dainty Gal, 2010 sorrel filly”

Join us in Redmond, OR for the Share Parelli Event May 22-23rd.  We’ll be bringing along a handsome group of yearlings!  Come out back during intermissions, meet the new preschool class, watch their lessons and check out their progress reports.  Plus the Atwood Associates (Parelli Professionals who have partnered with us to continue with our young horses beyond the preschool years) will be bringing the AR young riding horses they have started under saddle.  Be one of the first in line if you’re looking for a new partner!

“Atwood Ranch yearling demo, photo by Coco”