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Thursday, January 9th, 2014

In September at the Parelli Performance Summit, we joined forces with the Parelli Education Institute for a challenge we coined “Road To The Summit”. Professionals submitted applications & were selected by a committee to participate. We had an overwhelming response of enthusiasm from both the professionals & the crowd. Atwood Ranch donated eight yearlings & the professionals drew numbers from a hat to determine the order of selection.

Each professional will keep, care for & develop his yearling for the coming year. At Summit 2014 all contestants will return to Pagosa Springs for a series of challenges & contests highlighting their horse & his development both on line, at liberty & under saddle. What fun this will be to see their progress & to show the Parelli Principles put to purpose!

Following the challenge (complete with prizes & awards), the horses will be auctioned with proceeds going to the Parelli Education Institute. At the auction (in person, online & phone bidding) you will be able to purchase these outstanding young horses with pure Parelli training. A new concept, exciting exhibits, well bred horses, professionals following the Parelli Principles & a worthy cause!!!

Teri Sprague of CO with AR BOUND FOR SILVER
John & Kathy Baar of KY chose AR IMA BLONDE BUCK
Maurice Thibault of CA selected AR HOW BOUTA DATE
Jerilyn Caldwell of TX picked AR CATS A BLAZIN
Erin Fowle of CA (took over for Jenny Trainor of MT who had to bow out) has AR SANAMAC
Dave & Jody Ellis of CA have AR HOUSTON SKYLINE
Margit Deerman of CA drew AR ESPECIAL CABERNET
Jake Biernbaum of VA selected AR DASHIN THRU BARS

Visit the “Road To The Summit” Facebook page to see updates throughout the year & to follow along with your favorite yearling or professional. See the horses at tour stops & clinics in your area as the selected professionals haul them along for exposure to the world. What a splendid experience for these special young horses & an inspiring challenge for the professionals!


Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Look at the options!  Purchase your two-year-old partner with or without colt starting.  Better yet participate in his start under the guidance of Trevor Carter, 4* Parelli Professional Instructor & Senior Horse Development Specialist.  WOW – What an opportunity!!!  Follow the link below for all the details.


Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Our own Berin Macfarlane is hosting a “Advancing Lead Changes in all 4 Savvies” Clinic here at the ranch in Orland, CA next month.  Spaces are limited for this August 18-20th event.  For additional details on how to sign up go to our website & find the flyer on our EVENTS page by clicking EVENTS at the top of this Newsletter.  You can also click here  


Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

The recent event in Fort Worth, Texas was a huge success!  Pat promised it would be beautiful, exciting & educational — and he delivered. 

Our own Jake Shoemark started AR Snowy River Chex (Buddy), John Baar rode AR Ill Be Moonstruck (Jane), while James Roberts was aboard AR Colonelslildate (Harriet).  Kalley Krickeberg was on AR Sanabelle Chex (Dawn) while Berin MacFarlane started AR Litas Shirley (Leila).  All these athletic, young horse specialists did an outstanding job!  We couldn’t have asked for a better start under saddle.  The horses were well prepared through our preschool program & ready for the next step in their young lives. 

More in next month’s Newsletter about the fabulous partnerships that evolved as a result of this event.  All the AR two-year-olds we brought went home with students & professionals from far & wide — California, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio & Texas!  Congratulation to the new owners & to these AR horses.


Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

AR Nellie Rey Cat

We are thrilled to offer our best pricing ever for the month of May!!!  Yearlings & two-year-olds, as well as any three-year-olds & up are all 25% OFF FOR THE MONTH OF MAY ONLY!  Wow!!!  Deposit & payment must be made, purchase agreement signed & delivery arranged my month’s end.  Take advantage of this incentive now, as all the Atwood Ranch horses who participated in the Colt Starting Naturally event sold on the spot!


Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

We are pleased to announce that once again we are hosting a Saddle Fitting Clinic with Tina Giordano, 3-Star Parelli Professional, May 21st-22nd.  Tina will be teaching in-depth about reading your horse’s body, saddle fit, biomechanics & horse posture.  Along with Tina will be Art & Letitia Glenn of Durango, CO, who have been instrumental in the research, design & manufacturing of Parelli Saddles.  Riders will have the opportunity to test ride in the various styles of Parelli Saddles, plus riders & auditors alike will learn how to protect your horse’s back when ridden no matter what type of saddle you own.  Go to our website under the Events page for the flyer or email for more details .


Saturday, November 20th, 2010


Yes, we will be hosting clinics, seminars and lectures this coming year.  Due to a planned move to our Red Bluff location we did not schedule any events for 2010 — concerned we’d have buildings taken down and no covered arena or barns in place.  Delays happen and we’re still in Orland with plenty of great facilites and lots of room for visitors.  We can’t wait another minute so we’re going ahead with the 2011 scheduling!!!  Be flexible though as we may change the location from the Orland ranch to the Red Bluff one (just 30 miles up I-5) midway through the year.  Stay tuned to our website on the EVENTS page for further details.  We have some exciting guest instructors, health therapies and playdays in the works.


courtesy photos


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Mike and Catherine are getting ready to head off to Florida for the Parelli Rendez-vous this coming weekend, October 22nd-24th.  It sounds like an exciting new event for natural horsemanship enthusiasts.  A horse fair like no other complete with vendors, art, natural remedies, demos, equipment, clubs, and all things horse!  Stop by our booth to watch our video of the development process from birth through the yearling preschool program, pick up a flyer of available horses, check out their stories and progress reports, or just visit.  See you there!


Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
photo by Molly Moore

Exciting news flash from the ranch … We have just gotten approval to extend the special incentive that we offered during the first annual Parelli Performance Summit through the end of October!!!  See below for details and act fast!

When you make a donation to the Parelli Scholarship Fund OR
purchase a 1-year Savvy Club Membership for a friend
Deposit must be made,
Purchase Agreement signed,
and delivery taken by October 31st, 2010.
Don’t miss this once in a lifetime
opportunity to select your dream horse
an Atwood bred young horse
with a Parelli foundation!
The breeding you want,
with the foundation they need,
from the brands you trust.


Monday, August 16th, 2010

The Atwood Ranch yearlings, our Development Team, support staff and management are all looking forward to the 3-day Parelli Performance Summit, September 10-12th in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Along with a group of yearlings hoping to make an appearance in the Big Top, several AR two- and three-year-old riding horses will also be at the inaugural event.  All the young Atwood Ranch horses at this special event will be for sale and looking for forever partners.  Stay tuned for special pricing available only at the Summit!