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Thursday, February 7th, 2013

You’ve been asking & we’ve delivered!!!  The 2012 foals, now yearlings, have been added to our website.  They are all listed by registered name & include nicknames, breeding, color & sex, as well as a couple photos of each.  As they progress through our Parelli Preschool Program, continue to check back for updated photos & videos.  The yearlings are also on Parelli Connect where stories, completed tasks & horsenality will be shown.  Then Facebook includes little snippets from time to time as Mattie develops each to his full potential.


Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

AR Doc Bar Down, "Kirby"

The yearling preschoolers are flying high!  Berin has them advancing their skills all the time – alternating quarters of study with pasture turnout.  We have taken a group to several Horse & Soul Tours including City of Industry, CA & Puyallup, WA in May.  Berin orchestrated inspiring spotlights at each including both on-line & liberty demos. 

AR Chocolate Chex, "Mocha"

We can’t wait for the Performance Summit in September where the yearlings will once again move the crowd from laughter to tears with their youthful exuberance & uncanny savvy!  With the help of some other professionals, Berin will highlight a half dozen yearlings who are currently available & looking for perfect partners. 

AR Spoonfulla Chex, "Taz"

See you in Pagosa Springs September 7-9, 2012!


Tuesday, December 21st, 2010


        As the yearling Class of 2010 nears graduation our new Head of Horse Development, Jake Shoemark, takes them to a whole new level of understanding.  Jake has been getting to know all of the yearlings since his arrival and has accelerated their learning.  After their acceptance of the bareback pad and cinch, he has climbed on board.  Jake continues to move along helping them with their first saddlings and beyond. 

These long yearlings will be so well prepared for colt starting in the Spring.  Not only will they have a solid set of skills in the 7 Games, be confident puzzle solvers and asking questions freely, but they’ll also be ready to ride.  Talk about setting them up with a solid foundation!  


     How about a new start for the New Year with a new partner for you?  Think about the possibilities.  Make an investment in your future.  Visit our website for photos and details on available yearlings.  We’ll continue to add photos as Jake progresses with the group.


Monday, August 16th, 2010

The Atwood Ranch yearlings, our Development Team, support staff and management are all looking forward to the 3-day Parelli Performance Summit, September 10-12th in beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Along with a group of yearlings hoping to make an appearance in the Big Top, several AR two- and three-year-old riding horses will also be at the inaugural event.  All the young Atwood Ranch horses at this special event will be for sale and looking for forever partners.  Stay tuned for special pricing available only at the Summit!     


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

We are headed to Oregon this weekend, May 22-23,  for the Share Parelli Event at the Deschutes Fair & Expo Center in Redmond.  The yearlings are prepared to WOW you with their skills and foundation training.  Come out back during the intermissions and watch them being played with.  If you are even thinking about a new partner (now or maybe sometime in the future), come by our booth and have a chat.  Look through our notebooks filled with photos, Horsenality charts, positive attributes profiles, Pre-School Progress Reports, registration papers and more.  Plus get the added benefit of seeing some of them in person!  See you there …

yearlings at the lake