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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

If you haven’t yet gone to Parelli Connect to investigate the community, do it now!  There is a FREE 30-day trial offer going on now where you can participate as a member at no charge, getting to know the people, the opportunities, and the network.  This is the Facebook of Natural Horsemanship where you can meet people, share about your journey, document your progress with your horse and find a supportive group of friends. 

Plus, we are in the process of adding all the Atwood Ranch young horses to our wall.  Each horse has a page of his/her own with a bio, statistics, photos and progress reports that Jake and the Development Team will be adding each week.  You can select your favorites and follow along with their development.  It’s a work in progress and thanks to the team at Parelli Central for helping us get this up and running. 



Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Helen Topp (Shoemark) recently received her 4th Star from Pat Parelli. 

Helen passed her Level 3 in Australia at the age of 15, then went on to take several horses through the program before being offered a scholarship to study with Pat and Linda in the US.  She has been a sought after Instructor for many years teaching all over the US and Australia.  She and her husband, Jake Shoemark, are now settled here at the ranch where Helen is directing employee horsemanship along with getting involved this spring in foal imprinting. 

Congratulations to Helen on her much deserved recognition!