In September at the Parelli Performance Summit, we joined forces with the Parelli Education Institute for a challenge we coined “Road To The Summit”. Professionals submitted applications & were selected by a committee to participate. We had an overwhelming response of enthusiasm from both the professionals & the crowd. Atwood Ranch donated eight yearlings & the professionals drew numbers from a hat to determine the order of selection.

Each professional will keep, care for & develop his yearling for the coming year. At Summit 2014 all contestants will return to Pagosa Springs for a series of challenges & contests highlighting their horse & his development both on line, at liberty & under saddle. What fun this will be to see their progress & to show the Parelli Principles put to purpose!

Following the challenge (complete with prizes & awards), the horses will be auctioned with proceeds going to the Parelli Education Institute. At the auction (in person, online & phone bidding) you will be able to purchase these outstanding young horses with pure Parelli training. A new concept, exciting exhibits, well bred horses, professionals following the Parelli Principles & a worthy cause!!!

Teri Sprague of CO with AR BOUND FOR SILVER
John & Kathy Baar of KY chose AR IMA BLONDE BUCK
Maurice Thibault of CA selected AR HOW BOUTA DATE
Jerilyn Caldwell of TX picked AR CATS A BLAZIN
Erin Fowle of CA (took over for Jenny Trainor of MT who had to bow out) has AR SANAMAC
Dave & Jody Ellis of CA have AR HOUSTON SKYLINE
Margit Deerman of CA drew AR ESPECIAL CABERNET
Jake Biernbaum of VA selected AR DASHIN THRU BARS

Visit the “Road To The Summit” Facebook page to see updates throughout the year & to follow along with your favorite yearling or professional. See the horses at tour stops & clinics in your area as the selected professionals haul them along for exposure to the world. What a splendid experience for these special young horses & an inspiring challenge for the professionals!

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